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  • Dear Fellow Marketer,

    Want to grab a traffic source NO ONE is using yet? Now you can actually tap into Viber, Instagram & WHATSAPP groups with first of its kind software! 

    Skip to the front of the line, enter a few details, click a button, and have your content and offers syndicated IMMEDIATELY on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more?

    Would you like to have an easy solution that makes getting traffic from these sites simple, yet doesn’t have a huge learning curve?

    If so, then keep reading...


    Working From Their Basement...

    They Got 48,000 Views Without Spending A Single Penny On Traffic - And Became A Multi-MILLION Dollar Business A Year Later!

    The brand Artifact Uprising turned to Pinterest to help boost their brand and their business.  Working out of their basement to build a company they’d always wanted, one of their pictures was repinned by a popular blogger.

    The pin went viral (or ‘popped’ as it’s known on Pinterest) and they went on to get 48,000 views from that one pin alone.  A year later, they were a multi-million dollar company by using Pinterest to sell products and build their brand.

    And it was all organic natural traffic.  Not a single dime was spent on this.

    Look, if you focused on Pinterest alone, you’d have enough cash siphoning traffic to last a lifetime!  There are tons of case studies where people are making an absolute killing with Pinterest. 

    But OUR NEW SOFTWARE ALSO includes WhatsApp, Viber (first of its kind!), Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and even EMAIL! It's a BEAST! 

    When you know how to use it (which we’ll share in a moment), it’s like an ongoing never ending stream of delicious traffic.

    Getting traffic isn’t as hard as it seems.  Not at all. It can be...tedious.

    So that’s why you’ll have multiple people establish themselves on multiple platforms, so they can siphon portions of traffic from all over the web.

    It’s the sum of all the traffic from multiple sources, that turns their own site into a traffic pulling - sales generating powerhouse.


    There's An Insane Amount Of Traffic Available On These Sites and Others...

    Just Waiting For You To Scoop Up Your Share!

    Many marketers and online business owners think that getting traffic is some kind of mystical magical solution.

    They sometimes think that it’s only reserved for the ‘higher ups’ and those successful entrepreneurs on top of the food chain.


    See, right now, on a number of different platforms, there are millions upon millions of visitors just waiting for you to redirect them to your site, service, and/or offer.


    There are only 24 hours in the day and to be honest, trying to manage getting traffic from all of these sites can be a complete hassle.

    But if you TRULY want to take advantage of the traffic that’s available to you through social media, then you’re going to need 3 things:

    1.  A way to create posts easily

    2.  A way to syndicate those posts across multiple networks

    3.  A way to manage all of it from one place


    And that’s it.

    What you’d want is to be able to log into a site, use templates, create your post, click a button and either post immediately or schedule it for later.

    Do this consistently enough and you’ll start to drive eyeballs to just about any offer or service you desire.

    Luckily for you, that solution already exists!


    “The All In One Posting App That

    Delivers Tons of Traffic and Sales!”

    Post to 10 Social Media Platforms
    Once and See Your Traffic Increase!

    “Here’s What’s Included In Postistic”

    When you get started today, you’ll find that Postistic is an incredible software app that delivers amazing and outstanding results.

    Just check out some of these features:


    Early Bird Price Ends In Exactly...

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  • Check Out Postistic In Action!

    We've Made Using Postistic Incredibly Simple.

    Just Follow These 4 Steps:

    By Using The Power Of Postistic,

    It's Like Have An Entire Traffic Army At Your Command!

    Just the ease of use when it comes to Postistic is worth the investment alone.

    But when you consider that:

    You’ll be able to tap into leads and sales from Facebook for free You’ll be able to generate tons of views from Pinterest You’ll be able to get more clients for your services You’ll save a TON of time with tedious marketing tasks that takes forever and drains your energy every single day…

    It’s like hiring a bunch of special ops traffic masters to go out and bring you all the traffic you can desire from these major sites.

    Listen, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  There are already millions and billions of people using these sites EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    And within these groups are people are those who are ACTIVELY looking for what you have to sale or offer.

    So doesn’t it make sense to use Postistic to connect and engage with them?

    Especially when you can fire up Postistic, make a few highly engaging posts in minutes, and get on with your day!

    There are other services that you can use post and share to social media platforms as well as send emails, but none of them are combined into one like Postistic.

    And for those that try to come close, you wind up with either limitations on a free account or have to pay a monthly recurring fee based upon how many accounts you use.

    But you won’t have to do that with Postistic. Postistic not only rivals all the top posting and sharing apps online, but also does with at a very low cost.

    Just a low one time investment is all it takes and you can use Postistic to pull in traffic, leads, and sales forever!

    And even still, there’s more you can do with Postistic like...

    Postistic Can Help You...

    Put At Least A Cool $$$ In Your Pocket

    Month In and Month Out

    You already know that Postistic can help you with your online business. No matter if you’re a marketer, realtor, coach, or if you offer any other type of digital downloads, ecommerce products, or services.

    But if you really wanted to ramp up the earning power of Postistic and create a separate full time income with part time effort, then you could use Postisitc to run your very own posting service for online and offline business owners alike.

    You could charge $1k for posting to multiple platforms per month or you could charge $250 per platform per month.

    Just 3 local business owners at $1,000 a month helps bring in a cool $36,000.00 a year before taxes.

    And all you’d have to do is just load up Postistic, schedule out all of the content, collect your check and go live life the way you truly want!

    Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Imagine traveling, spending time with the kids, or playing a round of golf - knowing you’re pulling in some life changing income by using a simple, yet powerful posting and sharing app that brings amazing results.

    And you don’t have to stop at $3,000.  

    Heck, why not get 10 businesses at $1,000 a piece?  Or even 20?

    The choice is yours and Postistic can help you do all the heavy lifting!


    Early Bird Price Ends In Exactly...

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